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Acrylic Bathtub With Bathroom Accessories

Deciding on the right bathtub liner or maybe acrylic tub could be tough. You will probably be to ask yourself, “can I, or can I, go with the exiting tub?” Are available options out there to enhance the performance, safety, and style of the current device? Can I do away with old out of date styles without having a significant mess and time investment?


Discover five sensible measures to aid you in making the proper bathtub selection:


Step one – Identify your current tub – The tub device you have these days will be a significant driver in the replacing choices of yours. If you’re a cast iron or maybe steel bathtub you can make use of a liner to talk about a current device that may be tarnished, chipped, cracked – or plain ugly. whether you are wanting to know how you can figure out if it actually cast the tub iron or maybe steel listening to the audio while tapping on the tub can enable you to figure out what is in the bathroom of yours right now.


If you have fiberglass or maybe clear plastic tub it is not feasible to go beyond what is there with a liner. In these circumstances, the outdated tub must be removed and it may replace this with a brand new acrylic tub. These installations will take far more system time compared to a liner task.



Step two – Think through the needs of yours for safety and enhanced function The remodeling procedure must be the time to believe and reflect on the way you wish to make the room work better. Do you want the tub area to be more secure? Would you have to convert the tub into a shower or would lowering the height you’ve to step with the tub help? Would a deeper soaking tub add present a far more relaxing bathing experience?


For enhanced safety and comfort consider several of the following ideas:

  • Use a liner or perhaps tub with a nonskid surface area at the bottom.
  • Add a safety grab bar on a sidewall and back bathtub wall surround.
  • Use a Kohler Archer style deep soaking tub.
  • Consider a tub cut out to retrofit the current tub for ease of entry.


Step three – Figure out how you would like the bathtub task of yours finished – The largest benefit of bathtub liners is they can be fitted in 1 day since they’re fitted with the old device. If you’ve just one complete bathroom a liner might be the more suitable method to go.


In case you have to remove your current tub the installation will be a lot more complex since you will not just have to get rid of the tub but additionally there’ll be work required with the wall surrounds as well as the floor.


A well-informed contractor will wish to review your soap dish to find out if it is recessed into the wall or perhaps stretches out from the wall surround. If the dish stretches out it can complicate the tub installation procedure.



Step four – Choose the colors of yours wisely If you are seeking to move shortly you will want to pick out colors that are basic for the tub of yours. Included below are numerous color selections you can use to replace outdated colors.


Acrylic bathtub liners Colors include white, almond, biscuit, pearl, grey, white granite, camel granite as well as gray granite.


Kohler replacement acrylic tubs – Colors include white, cashmere, sandbar, skylight, biscuit, almond, ice grey, thunder grey, Mexican sand and innocent blush.


Step five –  Add bathroom add-ons to enhance purpose, appears and style – When you are in the task or maybe replacing a tub is the greatest time to eliminate an old stained or perhaps rusted overflow cover/drain and upgrade it with a brand new chrome, brass, oil rubbed bronze, or perhaps gray devices.


Also, think about adding safety features such as a grab bar or perhaps tub seat. If you have a window in the bathroom and you are planning to boost privacy consider a glass block bathroom replacement window. Additional good additions include brand new soap dishes or maybe bathtub corner caddies.


Know you are built with these five actions you are prepared to choose the acrylic tub or maybe bathtub liner for the task of yours.

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