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Steps to Remodel Your Shower Stall Or Enclosure

Choosing the correct shower slow down enclosure isn’t simple. Do you remove your old system or can you go over this structure to set aside time and cash? Are there any unique needs to consider in your design? What shower base and wall combination will work best? Do you need a door or is it best to go doorless? The choices and the alternatives appear to increase like bunnies.

This article will give a 7 step procedure to lead you through the shower determination process.

Determine if you have to remove the old shower slow down Test the state of your old enclosure. Are the walls and the base solid? Look at the base to decide whether there has been any leaking or if the base or container is rusting or disintegrating. For the walls look to check whether tile grout joints are flaking or if there are any spongy areas in the walls.

If you discover the walls and base are in great condition, it is conceivable to use acrylic walls or solid surface encompasses to go over existing tile walls.


Consider any exceptional needs and embellishments How might you like this shower to work in the short run and long run? Would it be useful to have a hindrance free access for what’s coming? Would a shower seat, get bar, corner shower caddy or shampoo specialty improves the capacity of your shower slow down? There are part of choices in both acrylic, ready for tile base and solid surface bases that can oblige wheelchair access or just to make a home utilitarian. Design considering things to come.


Choose a shower base The shower base or dish fills in as the establishment of your venture. It makes bases in standard or custom sizes. Typically standard sizes are most savvy. You’ll discover regular sizes in most of the different base materials. Well known sizes incorporate 60 x 32, 60 x 30, 48 x 48 and 36 x 36 sizes.

Fiberglass bases cost the least but their downside is they are prone to yellow or crack as time goes on. For a more customized look consider solid surface items or use an extended polystyrene base which can be done with tile. The solid surface bases can be the most costly but they have no appears and will have long enduring properties. The extended polystyrene bases are picking up prominence because they can be cost-customized and are 100% waterproof too.


Select the best wall encompasses for the plumbing and shampoo specialty walls Like most items inside wall encompasses ought to be chosen with worth, style and longevity at the top of the priority list. Here’s a once-over of alternatives:

  • Acrylic walls – If you’re looking for a practical option for a remodeling venture where existing tile walls are basically stable consider acrylic walls. They are a phenomenal worth and are even accessible with the look of stone or tile.
  • Fiberglass walls – Fiberglass walls are the least expensive accessible, produced in standard sizes, and are cheap to self-install. Their drawback – quality and longevity.
  • Tile walls set over a stone work backerboard or waterproof expelled polystyrene system – Tile walls have made some amazing progress. Grout technologies are far better than what you may have on your current walls. Tile can be acquired in a wide assortment of price ranges. One of the greatest difficulties with tile activities is they are tedious to install.
  • Solid surface shower walls – These walls are sturdy, won’t form or buildup and have no grout joints to stress over. They can also be stuck and additionally installed with butyl tape over existing surfaces and are accessible in enhancing stone, geometric, beadboard and different surfaces and examples.

Determine the shape of the walls you’ll see inside the bathroom If your shower is in the corner of the room you might need to consider an angled or rectangular designed wall(s). If you need to dispense with a door and limit cleaning consider a bended wall design. A wall that is somewhat bended or angled to the inside will serve to break the water from getting outside the shower enclosure.

Identify the sort wall you need Consider the tradeoff between worth, capacity and style when picking your inside walls. Here are a couple of progressively prominent choices:

  • Straight Framed glass walls – These walls are commonly made of thinner glass bundles and are framed with different metal encompasses. Their primary bit of leeway is low beginning buy cost. The inconvenience is they are flimsier and cleaning around the frames isn’t simple.
  • Straight Unframed glass walls – Generally observed in nicer lodgings these walls are without frames and are made of thicker glass. The benefit of unframed walls is appearance and the fundamental weakness is they are on the upper part of the arrangement.
  • Adjusted or Straight Tiled Walls – Tiled walls are commonly more costly to finish than framed glass systems but can make an increasingly uniform inside appearance. The principle detriments are they don’t transmit light inside or outside the shower space making the slow down appear to be darker.
  • Adjusted or Straight Glass Block Shower Wall – For a bended design glass blocks can furnish a tough installation with a practical design. Blocks presently come in shaded, carved and darken designs and examples. The burden of glass blocks are they have a progressively contemporary appearance which may not be wanted for some inside design.
  • Adjusted tempered and bowed glass – These walls are cool in appearance, are normally made with a thicker glass for strength but are the most expensive kind of inside glass wall.


Choose to go with our without a shower door The design pattern is unquestionably for the door-less design. The test will be to decide whether you have enough space to abandon the door. For the most part it’s increasingly difficult in square or angled corner showers to go doorless. Stroll in showers can be used in as little a space as 60 x 34. 60″ spaces are more extensive work best for a doorless design.


Give these 7 steps fill in as an underlying outline to help you a chance to pick the shower slow down or enclosure for your next remodeling venture. If these steps appear to be overwhelming consider reaching a professional design and remodeling temporary worker to help you through the procedure.

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